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 Macrame jewelry

hello there macrame jewelry tutorial in this tutorial I’m going

to show you how to make a How to make macrame jewelry goddess

McCraney necklace so this is what mine

looks like here so yeah this really nice

curved effect it’s going to sit really

nicely on the neckline obviously this is

just the materials that I’ve used so a

nice silver color setting card and then

with these magenta colored hematite

gemstone beads and then micro macrame jewelry I’ve just

finished it off with a nice class to

make it nice and professional you could

also, use crabby to finish it off so

sliding not something whatever your

personal preference is then this is what

it looks like and it could be fun to

play around with the coloring for

instance of the beads maybe say the

smaller beads on top of one color and (macrame beaded jewelr)

then the larger ones on the bottom or

another color just to see what kind of

different effects that will get now also

this is the necklace I’ve already made

both a bracelet and a ring using the

goddess a creamy design here so you can

pretty much make a whole set now this is

in the necklace version so if you want

to learn how to make this then keep

watching so it’s these materials that

we’re going to need now I have my card

here and

I’m using a 1 millimeter

setting cord it’s nice gray silvery

color and then we’ll need the beads as

well so I have 2 different sizes here

they’re both regular rounds and I’m just

working with a color-coded hematite so

this kind of magenta color imitate the

first ones here the big ones these are 8

millimeter in the size and then here we

have six millimeter in the size so we

need these two to achieve the curved

effect to give to the necklace there so micro macrame jewelry patterns
you can always use whatever combination

you want of the cord and the beads so

let’s get it all together and then let’s

get started and then we’ll need some

links of cord to start working with and

what I have here first of all are two

lengths of my setting cord of about 80

centimeters each and these are going to

be for the holding cords so throughout

the whole necklace then also holding the

beads and then we’ll also need another

length of the same cord here and this

one is about 6 meters long now that’s

quite a bit obviously but it is a form

necklace that we’re making and macrame crystal necklace it’s

mainly this is going to be the working

cord it’s mainly because of the sides of

where the beads are on each side there

we’re making a lot of square knots so

it’s going to use a below the cord so

what I’ve done is taken the

short lengths of cord here that are

going to be the holding cords and attach

them on to my macrame board I’m just

using the notches there so the nice and

top because then we’re going to start by

making a long section of our square

knots using the working cord and what

I’ve done with that is we need to attach

a first of all but I’ve taken the ends

of my walking cord put them together so

that we can then find where the middle

is I have a little loop here keep hold

of that then we need to attach this

first of all like I said so I just take

one end while still keep off of the

middle put that underneath the two

holding cards and then pull that all the

way through and then I’m going to just

have the middle line underneath there

and then we basically need to start

making square not straight away that’s

how we attach it as well so I’m going to

take my left cord bring it over the two

holding cards like that then I’m going

to take my right when I’m just holding

on to this up here just for the very

first knot because obviously, this can

move around and I want to try and keep

the middle underneath there take the

right one over the left one on this side

underneath everything in the middle and

then up through the loop here and then

pull it all the way through then we need

to tighten this again without trying to

move the middle of the card too much

tighten this all the way up there and

that’s the first half of a square knot

but it’s also now the working cord it’s

attached to the holding cost there so to

finish off this square knot I’m going to

then take the call from the right side

so from the opposite side over the

holding cards bring the left one over

that and underneath everything in the

middle and then up through the loop and

then pull the cord all the way through

and now I don’t have to hold on up here

anymore cuz it’s already attached and

tighten this and then there you have

your full first square knot so you just

want to keep repeating this so again I’m

going back to the first card that are

used starting from the same

which was the left one that I started

with bring that over the holding cards

take the right one over that underneath

everything in the middle and up through

the loop and pull it all the way through

and tighten and again that was the first

half of the square knot now I just need

to finish off and make a full square

knot so I’m going to take the right cord

over the holding cards and the left one

over that underneath everything in the

middle and up through the loop and then

pull it fall all the way through and

then we can tighten it so there we now

have the second square knot so what you

just want to do now is keep repeating

this step till have a long section of

square knots now how long you make this

it’s really up to you because it’s going

to help determine how long the neck is

going to end up being so I’m going to

keep making this and then once we’ve

made the whole section that we need to

link that we need a square knots here

then we get to the beaded section so I

now made the whole length of my square

knots here until then reach where the

beaded section is going to be so this is

almost one half of the necklace now my

length here is 29 centimeters or about 9

inches of the length of square knots but

like I said you can make that longer or

shorter depending how long you want your

full necklace to be and obvious it’s

going to be the same length on the other

side of the beaded section as well so

now we need to start adding in the beads

so what we need to do is we have the two

holding cards here and as we need to add

the beads on to so on one side I’ve just

taken the right one that’s what I’ve

added all the large beads so all these

hair and what I’ve added is 15 of these

8 millimeter beads that I’m using so 15

of those all on the same card and then

of the 6 millimeter beads I’ve added 14

of those and the other one also all on

the same one so obviously you can see it

looks like one is shorter than the other

one but that’s what’s going to end up

giving that curved effect so this one’s

going to look like now so I’m just gonna

push these up because then we need to

start obviously wrapping around the

beads I also just want to do is just put

my cards into position because what I

like to do

macrame crystal necklace
macrame crystal necklace

macrame bracelet patterns

macrame necklace patterns is take the cold working card from one

side underneath the two holding cards so

underneath both of them here over to the macrame necklace tutorial
other side just all the way up there

this is just to get them into position

the same thing with the other one take

it underneath you’re holding cards and

obviously includes all your beats here

and then just over to the opposite side

so both are basically just crossing over

the back of the holding cards just like

that I just find it’s a better starting

point and we end up with a nicer result

just at the top there so now the cards

are ready to start wrapping around the

beads here so I’m just going to start

using one card at a time now you can

just separate your beads out just to simple macrame necklace patterns

make it the easier so you know exactly

where you got to go with your card so

all you want to do is you want to make

sure that it’s kind of one bead per one

bead on each side so just because the

side here with the smaller beads it

looks like a shorter because obviously

the things are smaller we’re still going

to act and wrap around as if we’re using

one B from each side at a time so for

instance if they were the same size

because then we’re going to fix the

whole curvature afterward so I’m going macrame books

macrame stone necklace

to start with my right one I’m coming

behind the very first large bead there

and then I’m going to take it and wrap

around just below the large bead the

first one and then also below the first

of the small ones so crossing over to

the other side and coming down at an

angle it’s going to look a little

something like that and then pull it all macrame kit
the way over and then we need to come

underneath the holding cards again so

that means underneath all the beads

there so just bring it underneath the

two holding cards and the beads so it’s

coming on to that and then pull it so on

the back the crosses also an angle comes

back down a bit further on the other

side here again on the right side but

then we need to come out below the

second large bead there so basically the

back is going to looking like the front

ones we’re doing and

then to the next cross over and then

bring in my card over the front

underneath the next bead here that I’m

coming out of underneath and that’s the

second one from from the top in this

case and then underneath the second one

of the small beads as well like I said

we’re constant is taking one bead at a

time from each side and then we need to

go underneath the holding cards again

bring it all the way up make sure that

your card goes in between the right

beads there so you’ll be able to see now

starting to form more that we’re going

to have the card is coming at an angle

and the beads just separating out the

beads one at a time from each side the

next one come down below the next large

bead there the third one in this case

cross over the top of them below that

one and below the third one on the side

with the small beads and underneath the

holding cards again and pull it all the

way up and again cross back behind them

all so you come out ready under the next

large bead so in this case is the fourth

one easy want to keep doing this all the

way down like I said don’t worry about

the curvature yet this will go sort of

that after we’ve done both of the cards

here so just keep doing this all the way

down to the bottom and then it’s time to

do the other card as well so now kept

wrapping all the way around to the

bottom here and the card is coming out

over the top where I have the left large

bead but then there’s no bead of the

small ones there because remember we’ll

put one less of them to make it fit and

look nice with the necklace

once it’s done then what just going to

do is wrap around one more time to make

sure my card is coming out on the same

side that I started from which is on the

right one so just put it underneath the

two holding cards and then make sure it

comes up below that very last large bead

as if it was crossing over to do another

wrap if there was more beads so just

like that that’s this card done then so

just leave this there now if you’re

using a crammed abode like me you can

always just put this into a slot on the

side it holds it nice and in place so

it’s not going to come to loose rather

then working with the other one as well

so now to go back up to the top again


with that car, you see how we have the

other card left to do as well and that’s

coming from the left side so all we want

to do Betsy is the same thing which is

working in the opposite direction so

this is naturally coming wanting to

cross over the top and the front hair

what we’re just going to first of all

track the large beads large be the first

one in place and not capturing any of

this moments just yet so cross over the

top there or the front then take your

card back underneath the holding cards

and all the beads pull it all the way

through and then make sure when you pull

this tighter also you don’t want to pull

too tight when you’re wrapping around

here this is a nice even tension we want

it to make sure obviously you’re

capturing that just below the top very

first bead of the large ones and then

coming out below the first ones or the

small ones and then crossing over the

front again and now it’s basically just

the same macrame jewelry patterns before just mirrored

so this is going to capture below the

first of the small ones and then the

second one of the large ones there you

see that’s where you then get this six

AK effect over the front come back

underneath again pull it all the way

through and then up to the side just

like that and then we just keep doing

this and make sure you come below the

next of the small beads wrap across the

front and just keep going like this all

the way down to the bottom again

now then also reach the bottom with this

left cord that we’re working with all

the way we wrapping around just like I

said and then this is naturally coming

out to its own side again so just like

this so now we’re ready we have both the

cards into position then also track the

beads in place because obviously the

bottom ones especially is still loose so

just make sure you want to make sure to

capture this in place as well what I’m

going to do that is just make a square

knot below these button beads just using

the cords as they are so I’m going to

take my left one just going to start

with the same cord that I did previously

and then I’m going to take my right one

over that underneath the holding cause


middle then up through the loop now the

first square knot is the most fitting

because like I said both the cord down

here the beads are still loose but just

kind of maneuver in place before you

then going and tighten your cards all

the way up underneath the very last bead

there and pull it nice and tight so

they’re now they’re all basically

trapped in place they’re not going to

keep moving around I’m just going to

make the other half of the square knot

to finish it off just like this so now I

know it’s nice and securely in place but

obviously this whole piece with the

beads is still straight so that’s what

we have to fix now so I made that first

square knot down here the other side of

the beads just to hold it on place but

then also I just want to make the one

and not keep making more because then it

might get too hard to do this next step

so to make this curvature gather into

the beads what I’m going to do is I’m

releasing my holding cards here now and

don’t worry it’s not going to come

undone because we made that square knot

that’s going to hold it in place

and then I’m going to hold on to them

and then we’ll basically need to start

pushing the beads together so it’s

especially the small ones because

obviously those are the ones that take a

lot less space in the large ones so I’m

going to do is keep hold it nicely and

then start pushing the beads together

just like this and also the square knot

there guess what I mean I only want to

make the one square knot ideally if I

make too many it might get too tight and

tough to push it up but making just the

one it holds it in place but we can then

still push it up over the holding cause

so you just want to push them together

until you’re then happy with a nice

curve that you get and it’s going to sit

nicely so end up looking something a bit

like that so just look at it keep

pushing until you feel that you can’t

really push any more but then also just

until you’re happy with how it looks and

the nice curvature that you didn’t get

because that’s what’s going to make it

so it sits nicely on the neckline so we

have the fun

side made with all the square knots then

we have the midsection here with the

beads and this sits nice and now I think

so I’m quite happy with that so all

that’s left to do now is just going to

flip this around because we obviously

need to make all the square knots on

this side as well to narrow the other

side so this can be a little bit hard to

say attached to your board if you’re

working on something else what you can

do then make it a little bit easier is

maybe use something like pins so just

pin your work the first couple of knots

that you make here pin it into a board

and then you can work with it nicely but

otherwise use want to continue I’m just

going to do it quickly here making more

square knots so start with the same

chord that you did previously over and

the other one goes over that and

underneath everything in the middle hook

through the loop and then tighten a nice

leg the other half of the square knot

just like I showed previously and

tighten that all the way up a notch in

next square knot and then if you want to

after you made a couple square knots

just do one last tug on this just to

make sure it’s it’s just how you want it

to and it’s not coming a little bit

loose so you just want to keep making

your knots here you can add it count

your knots if you want to Boggs it’s

quite a lot to count I’ll just measure

it like I said I’m going to make the

same length of knots on this side that

I’m working on now as I did in the

beginning to get a nice and even

necklace so keep doing that and then all

this left to do is finish it off so now

finish making this section of square

knots on this side as well

then we have both sides and I’ve made

sure the lengths are even and then we

basically have the main part of the

necklace done it looks like that and it

has this really nice curvature so it’s

going to sit nicely on the neckline

because of the beads there and then

obviously the section to the square

knots so this is done so all that’s left

to do now is finish off the ends up here

so obviously it can be worn and you have

a few choices of how you can do this

it’s really personal preference

personally what I’m going to do is I’m

going to be using these cord ends that

look like this we just put your card

inside I’m going to put a bit glue as

well clamp around them and then you can

use these loops on them too

you’re finding sill class with extender

chain which I’m going to be doing so

that’s one option you can also do a

regular macrame sliding knot just like

you can do a mini macrame bracelets it’s

really personal preference if you want

to do the sliding knot Omega will

recommend making your holding cards a

bit longer as you can see here so you

have enough length to make this like

knot and then enough to obviously adjust

it as well now I have a tutorial where

show how to finish off macrame in that

case bracelets in both ways but

obviously all work for either necklaces

or bracelets so if you want to have a

look at that I’m going to put a link to

that in description box below it’s going

to be helpful for that I’m just going to

be doing it here using the cord ends but

if you need to have a look go and have a

look at that tutorial there so finish

off your ends here however you want to

so I then finished off the ends of my

necklace here and then it looks like

this and sides up to my class I’ve just

used a lobster claw clasp and extender

chain like I said finish it off however

you want to whatever your preference is

so this is what it looks like so it’s a

really nice and simple design but I

think it gives a really nice impact and

also be fun to play around with say the

beads and the color of the beads maybe

make some pattern here whether it’s one

color for the small ones and one color

for the big ones and see what that looks

like so I really hope you enjoyed this

tutorial and thank you very much for

watching hello there everyone today I

want to show you how to make this triple

root wraparound bracelet and it looks

like this so I’ve used some agate

gemstones here in the center and then in macrame jewelry books

this case I’ve just added a rhinestone

chain to the outside rows so it looks

like this and then with a button closure

and this is just what I’m going to show

in this case you can always use beads

instead of the chain but I’m just going

to use a chain just to show you how you

can add that as well so if macrame jewelry tutorials

Macrame bracelet

Macrame bracelet BUY

godess macrame jewelry

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