How to make macrame curtain step by step

How to make macrame curtain step by step

hi I’m Bhanu Motiyani I’m a from india textile artist and welcome to my Macrame curtain demonstration this demonstration is meant for the textile artist who is very familiar with all the knots already working with groups of four cords Macrame curtain Online you’re going to want to tie ten square knots in the center of the groups of fours just like this and Macrame window curtain loop them around and secure them with another square knot how many loops you need depends on the size of window in the end I believe I had eleven eleven loops on the curtain rod

macrame curtain

What is a macrame curtain

I am NOT giving any specific measurements on how long to cut the cords just because this is a very customized piece macrame curtain pattern and you’re gonna want to figure that out based on the window that you plan on putting it in I’m not up on my curtain terminology but I believe this style of header or heading is called a tab top so those loops are called a tab top so macrame curtain diy what I’m doing to space out the tabs or a tab top is that I’m adding extra larks head knot on each end using two cords as a lead toward to space the tabs out evenly if you prefer your tab top to be spaced out further

What is a macrame curtain
macrame curtain

Macrame door curtain

you can add additional larks head knot but you would need to add them in odd numbers so as opposed to having just one on each side like I’m doing you would need to add three or five or you know etc when you space them out further that makes your curtain more pleated if that makes sense it kind of ripples and that’s an awesome look but I wanted mine to be more flat to display the pattern better

Macrame door curtain
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How to macrame curtains

also I’d like to say that it’s a lot faster if you just add your larks head to each side of your tab top as opposed to just going along straight like I was I was going along straight just to demonstrate so that you can kind of see exactly what I’m doing but now Macrame shower curtain I’m switching it up and just putting the larks head on opposite sides and then I’m just gonna work straight across for my first working row I skipped two chords and then

Macrame shower curtain

Macrame curtain tutorial I did two square knots stacked on each other and then went straight across in that pattern and then the next row I alternate so instead of skipping the first two chords I started right away with the first four and carried on straight across so my client she had five plants in her windowsill that she wanted to get off and up higher into the curtain so I needed to divide

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Macrame curtain color, macrame hanging curtain I need to divide my working sections into five and so what i’m doing here is counting out 20 chords and you want to start right dead in the center because in a curtain you want it very symmetrical so always start in the very center and work How to make a macrame curtain valance your way out to the sides now it doesn’t really matter if your pattern kinda abruptly ends on each side like mine mine does you just you really want the pattern to start in the center also if you didn’t want to add as many jars to your curtain like I did if you only wanted to add three or maybe you wanted to add more always work in multiples of four that way it just kind of when you’re doing square knots obviously you need four cords to make a square knot so

How to make a macrame curtain valance
knotted macrame curtain

How to make a macrame door curtain you need to work in multiples of four now this is the fun part this is where you really get to see the pattern so in my groupings of twenty cords that is where I wanted the diamond shape to be spaced out and the diamond shape is the negative the negative space so it’s kind of confusing to describe it’s a little bit more easier for you to just just see macrame curtain instructions, how to make a macrame door curtain what I what I’ve done so I decided to add a little bit detail in the negative space of my my diamond shape and I am just adding kind of like a cross or a plus sign or another smaller diamond I don’t know what you want to call it but

How to make a macrame door curtain

macrame curtain for sale I added a little detail in the center of each of my my shapes and now I’m just kind of closing off closing off the shape to form that diamond and you can see at the end how I didn’t quite finish off the last diamond shape that is totally fine just as long as your starting point it’s perfectly dead center to measure curtain rod for macrame curtain diy where you want the mason jar to go I hold a mason jar on my work grab my working chords and just just kind of measure exactly where it falls if that makes sense so I’m my square knots we’ll start at about a half an inch to an inch right below

Step by step macrame curtain pattern

macrame curtain panels my last square knot of the pattern so what i’m doing here is doing a really simple pattern at the bottom to hold the mason jars and it’s just gonna be an alternating square knot pattern and you want to connect them in a spherical cylinder shape around macrame cord curtain if that makes sense so just make sure that your your when you attach the back pieces to the front square knot you want to make sure that it’s kind of curved curved around and just be sure to space your square knots just a little bit further down you don’t want them too tight otherwise it will not hold your mason jars

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macrame curtain buy I wanted my mason jars to nest in an ark shape across the curtain so how I measured that is by when world market curtains I did my next one I started my first square not in line with the bottom of my very first mason jar that’s why the jar is kind of hanging on there when you’re consulting with your client you want to be sure to note exactly how they want their curtain to be placed if they want the macrame curtains to fall inside the window frame or if they want it on the outside because my clients window was in her kitchen and on either side of the window was her kitchen cabinets I really had to work within the measurements of the kitchen cabinets the measurements of

macrame curtain diy

my curtain ( doorway curtain ) is 32 inches wide and 34 inches in height to secure each mason jar I’m just doing a gathering knot at the bottom of each chart excuse my messy fun I started this project really early in the morning and I continued on all day right until just before dinnertime and I pretty much didn’t stop the entire the entire time I don’t know about you but when I’m really excited about a project

Macrame curtain pattern book

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Macrame Hanging Curtain

doorway curtain I am totally absorbed in it and I lose track of all time so I look a little a little homeless today so here comes the scary part of this whole project and that is trimming the ends you want to make sure that you measure and double measure because you can totally destroy hours of work just by not cutting it straight and Bolla this is the completed how to make door hanging curtain my client was absolutely thrilled if you liked this then you can contact me for tutorials msg me any time Macrame

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